7th Wave Demo

Technology made simple

Early morning mist

Basho's " Old Pond"

A loose translation of Basho's most famous haiku.

Idle thoughts

The Waste Land

Song of the Earth

Hope Valley Fringe

Mapping emotion

a new, inspiring and surprisingly rejuvenating experience.

The Waste Land

Bring it on... With a Walk on the Wild Side!

Product No. 1 - More than a T Shirt

Peak District Design in Hathersage

Courageous in a rough reality

Bring it on: Riding on the Wild Side

Our Relationship with Earth

Fringe without Limits

‘Time present and time past…’

‘What matters is to live everything. Live the questions for now’

Barack and all that...

Good ideas need acting upon.

The Meaning of Physicality

A new experience

Sheffield Excellence

Recycling and Renovation

Love is most nearly itself, when here and now cease to matter...

Sunday morning run

You don't need a reason to be happy...

Well-being from the inside...

Go, go, go said the bird

A challenge

Dear Health

What does your "health " look like?

Making health exciting

I want to do it my way...

Go, said the bird...

Serious play!

A Call for Metanoia

The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us....

Walking with Mindfulness

Peak District Ranger Guided Walk

Impossible Play

Re-run of a sunday morning exploration.

How to contact your MP or Councillor

Please make the effort to do it!

Art and About

Sub culture in Sheffield