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The "peoples platform" podcast

Posted by Martin Spence on Nov 13, 2020

This week sees the publishing of a brand new podcast from 7th Wave, available on Apple and Spotify. These monthly episodes will be tackling subjects we hope you will find interesting and engaging; content that matters to us all! This months subject is the "environment". Dr Jeremy Windsor is a consultant anaesthetist and mountaineer, a friend of the 7th Wave community, who discusses some of the environmental changes he has seen in his adventures in the mountains, a subject close to my own heart. Click on the logo below.

7th Wave Podcast

We will be publishing "snippets" on the blog platform to give a quick insight into the podcast itself. Normally a 15 min listen, please share with friends and colleagues and lets create a really positive "Peoples Platform" that is 7th Wave.

Mount Kenya...

Your locale....

Lockdown..transport policy.. Peak District

Enjoy this podcast and please get back to me with comments, suggestions, observations, all of which will help us improve the broadcast. Many of the subjects will be pertinent to the majority of the 7th Wave community and we encourage you to get involved at a local level and bring about change where its necessary. Maybe you have a story to tell? Get in touch if you would like to be involved in a future podcast or setup your very own blog on the 7th Wave "Peoples' Platform".

Contact: martin@xoolon.com

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